About Brad Osterman

Your Veteran Pilot in Home Financing

Welcome to PilotGuys.com – your co-pilot in navigating the complex skies of home mortgages.

Who is Brad Osterman? A retired U.S. Army Colonel, a master of the skies as a seasoned Blackhawk helicopter pilot, and now, your dedicated Branch Manager at American Mortgage Network & The Pilot Guys Mortgage Lending Team. I don’t just fly high; I ensure your home loan experience soars to new heights.

My journey from the disciplined life of an Army pilot to mastering the intricacies of VA loans and various mortgage products is fueled by one mission: to secure your dream home with precision and honor. At American Mortgage Network, we specialize in crafting loan solutions that are as unique as your service and your home-buying needs.

Why PilotGuys.com? Much like in a cockpit, where every instrument and control plays a crucial role, in the mortgage process, every detail counts. My team and I channel decades of military precision into managing the most complex elements of your home purchase – whether it’s a VA, FHA, USDA, or conventional loan. We have the expertise to guide you through turbulence and ensure a smooth landing into your new home.

Your Trusted Squadron

As your Branch Manager, I lead a squadron of the most skilled loan officers in the industry. We’re disciplined, knowledgeable, and ready to deploy the right strategies to bring you home. Think of us as your ground crew; we’re always prepared, whatever the mortgage weather holds.

Mission Statement

At PilotGuys.com, we don’t just aim for the horizon; we reach for a home where you can hang your hat and your heart. My pledge is to serve you with the same commitment with which I served our country: with integrity, respect, and unwavering dedication.

I invite you to fly with us. Let’s chart your course to homeownership together.

Brad Osterman
Your Ally Above Clouds.